Drinking Fountains Amsterdam

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Enjoy clean and safe drinking water to quench your thirst and fill up your bottle.

Tap water is safe to drink and tastes sweet!

The Netherlands and Amsterdam has the safest and cleanest tap water in Europe.
In case you doubt: the quality of Dutch drinking water was top rated by a comparative reserach published in Science Magazine 2016/02 Vol. 351! As no chlorine is used, the water actually tastes sweet. If you want to find out how this is achieved, vist Science Center Nemo where an interactive display explains all the steps.

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Quit buying bottled water

There are drinking fountains all around Amsterdam. Drinking water to stay hydrated and refreshed is cool and good for you but buying bottled water is lame and bad for the environment. Bottled water is sold in stunning numbers: in Amsterdam 21.7m liters water was sold in bottles in 2014
(Source: AMS Instituut voor stadsonderzoek)

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